Concrete / Dirt / Rock Bin Rental
Concrete / Dirt / Rock Bin Rental


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14' L, 8' W, 24" H

Days: Up to 5 days

Rent Time Extension: $15/day

Absolutely NO Trash

Overweight results in Additional Bin @ $395

DescriptionConcrete / Dirt Bin, 5 day rental- 15 yard roll off container service for concrete and dirt ONLY. If mixed with trash it will be billed as trash dumpster at $80 per ton.  We are able to haul 5 ton of concrete / dirt, this will be about half of a dumpster. If the bin is overloaded it will be the responsibility of the renter to transfur concrete / dirt to diffrent bin and equal the load so it can safely be haulded. Price incluses delivery, pickup and any other fees.

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